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Thursday, January 14, 2010;9:36 PM

A new blog. It's . Relink please :)

See ya, Amigos

Saturday, January 9, 2010;11:48 PM

I am Sec 4 already, yet i don't feel any difference. I wonder why?

When i'm sitting at my usual place in the canteen and chatting with my friends, i feel like i'm still in Sec 3. Talking about mindless stuff and laughing about stupid things.

The one and only difference other than studying different topics is that some of the boys in my class had become taller. . .

One of my friends seemed suspiously taller than me . . . . . . Damn it.

Tomorrow is the release of O level results. I'll be there with my friend. Hopefully, when she cry, it will be tears of joy.

I wouldn't want to see her in school this year.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010;5:16 AM

It's another new year.. . Yay. Not. Since this year is my O levels, i won't be coming here so often. . . *Sigh*

See you next time :)

Saturday, January 2, 2010;11:48 PM

It's a Sunday. . . . Normally, it would be nothing. But now? It's the day before Monday. Before my 1st day of school.


One thing i didn't miss about school time is the waking up. 6.30 AM. Considering the past 2 months which i've been sleeping late and waking late (Oh, the pleasure!), it would almost be torture.

Another thing is the homework i'm sure we will all be getting. And the revision. And the remedials. And the CCA.

I can't believe i had once wanted to go back to school. How crazy was that! Now i'm wishing to turn back time. . . . *sigh*

But at least there's something to look forward to. My allowance money. Haha. Nothing muc---



-- *holding my beaten face* Wahh! All right, all right. *mumbles*

There are also my friends that i would like to see every day. Okay?

. . .

Urg. I think a headache is coming. From the beating remainder i just received and from the off-key singing of my neighbours. They have karaoke on and off. And, they don't have soundproof walls, and their noise is just very irritating. Plus noisy. Damn them.

;5:18 AM
Countdown 2010 photos!

Hey people.

It's a new year!!! 2010. Wow. Time flies.

And, here is a small "party" countdown to . . .2010. Enjoy the pictures :D


Friday, December 25, 2009;12:28 AM
Merry 2009 Christmas!!!!




Wishing you guys a very pleasant and joyful new year!!!!


Tuesday, December 22, 2009;6:17 AM

It would reaaaally make my day if i get the book i want. Hahaha

Ok, anyway, below are some of the photos i have unearthed from my phone. They were taken in 2009, which if you are clever means this year.

In our school's Yo-Hub. Air-conditioned. :D Good place for staying back to study

Our school's gym on the left. Nearly sundown

ZN teaching us (me and my friends) one of the A Maths questions. . . But i still don't understand. Luckily, our A Maths teacher was there to teach me.

Oops, he caught me! ;D

Dinner with my cousin. So cut3!!!

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Saturday, December 12, 2009;5:19 AM

Yesterday was somewhat a 'once in a lifetime experience'--taking off my braces!!!!!!!!! YEAH Baby!!! Needless to say, it kinda hurt when they (the dentist and assistant) took the braces off but *grin* Hehehe, it was worth the tiny bit of pain when i got to see my teeth that was half hidden by my braces for two years


It was taken opposite. In case you didn't notice.


Hehehe. Now is full teeth!!! :DDDD


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